The General Terms and Conditions apply to all nominees that are submitting official applications for the King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

  1. Submission of applications

    1. Submission is free to all applicants
    2. All applications must be submitted through the official online platform of the King Hamad Award
    3. All applications must be submitted in English
  2. Criteria for Evaluation

    1. All submissions will be evaluated according to the criteria published on the King Hamad Award website.
  3. Evaluation Terms

    Evaluation of submissions will proceed in three stages as follows:

    Stage 1: Pre-vetting by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs (MYS) in the Kingdom of Bahrain to evaluate eligibility.

    Stage 2: Initial evaluation by a panel comprising international United Nations experts, affiliated to different UN entities that work in the field of sustainable development and youth.

    Stage 3: Final evaluation by an upper panel of prominent public figures.

    In Stage 1: All submission will be pre-vetted according to the required criteria. Failure to meet all required criteria will result in disqualification. Disqualified applicants will be informed via email that their applications will not be moving forward.

    In Stage 2: To ensure fairness and maximize objectivity and minimize bias in the evaluation process, two jurors from the Initial Panel will evaluate each submission in its entirety, and the applicant’s final score will be the average of the two scores given by the jurors. All submissions, without exception, will be subject to the two-juror evaluation rule.

    In Stage 3: The Upper Panel will receive the top three submissions in each category.

    Evaluation in stages 2 and 3 will be blinded, meaning that jurors will not know the identity of the applicants whom they are evaluating.

  4. Fraudulent Information on applications

    In the event that an applicant or one of their references deliberately misleads the Juror Panels by including false information in any submitted forms or documents, the applicant will be immediately disqualified. Should the inclusion of deliberately false information be discovered after an award has been granted, that applicant immediately forfeits their right to the award funds and is liable to return the funds in full.

  5. Confidentiality

    All applicants submit that the information included within the application is subject to review and evaluation by the King Hamad Award staff and Jurors. Staff involved in the King Hamad Award will have open, ongoing access to applications.

    The contents of submissions will not be shared publicly without the applicant’s approval but will be stored in line with MYS’s official policies regulating digital archiving of documents.

    Data collection and evaluation on certain details of the applications will be done by the King Hamad Award staff in order to better understand the needs and capabilities of the application platform. Application data may be used freely for internal purposes to inform any technical or content changes to future versions of the award application and criteria. By submitting an application or statement of support, all applicants and referrals agree to the use of their application data in this process

  6. Changes to Award Process

    1. Changes to application
      1. During the time that the award process is open, it is possible that issues with either technical or content-specific areas of a submission may arise, thus requiring members of the King Hamad staff to make change to certain elements of the submission. In the event of any technical or content changes are made, applicants that have already submitted their applications using the previous version of the application will NOT be penalized in any way and will be evaluated as fairly as possible by the Juror Panels.
    2. Changes to Juror Panel membership
      1. In the event that a Juror Panel member is unable to fulfil his or her duties during the evaluation period, a replacement may be recruited to maintain the evaluation process. If the evaluation of any submission was not completed by a former juror, that submission will be re-evaluated in full by the replacement juror, following the same process and to the same extent as previously evaluated applications.
    3. Changes to General Terms and Conditions
      1. Circumstances may require that the King Hamad Award General Terms and Conditions be revised. In the event that General Terms and Conditions are revised, the date of the latest revision will be posted at the end of the document
  7. Award Terms

    1. Submission Deadline for the Award is 1 July 2022 at midnight, Bahrain time.
    2. All winners will be informed of their selection by Oct 2022
    3. The King Hamad Award for Youth Empowerment to achieve the SDGs amounts to USD20,000 in the youth action category and USD25,000 in the Youth Enablers category. The Award will be disbursed in full as a one-time grant after the awarding ceremony.
    4. All winners of the King Hamad Award will be invited to attend the awards presentation that will take place in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
    5. Flights and accommodation to participate in the awards presentation will be covered by MYS for each of the 8 winners.
    6. All winners agree to participate in media briefings and statements that MYS or the UNDP may require as follow-up to receipt of the award.
    7. Deadlines can be changed by the award administration and all applicants will be informed.
  8. Applications for initiatives promoted by women and/or by persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged, to ensure diversity and broader representation
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